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Lakeland Healthcare Group is committed to changing the way medicine is delivered throughout the healthcare system. Our focus is on delivering top quality, point of care medical and aesthetic services to our partners and the communities we serve. We are an innovative company, breaking the boundaries of modern medicine through our leadership, quality initiatives, and technology. There are four service lines that operate under the Lakeland Healthcare Group umbrella.

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Capstone Radiology is a radiology practice provider who partners with hospitals and physicians across the nation, bringing together local radiologists, strong leadership and a national management infrastructure to deliver faster, more accurate diagnoses, while practicing the highest standard of patient care. Our radiology departments are aligned with the hospital and have a proven track record of increasing quality, medical staff satisfaction and revenue. Capstone’s core competency is in radiology staffing and revenue optimization. Our radiology service offering not only helps hospitals reduce costs, but also improves the quality of patient care by presenting a dedicated staffing model that provides real-time reading across all subspecialties. Capstone’s leadership, quality, and resources provide the exceptional level of service required for a healthcare facility to turn its radiology department into a competitive advantage.

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CornerstoneQA delivers cost-conscious and quantifiable quality and accuracy. Each report is evaluated and scored based on five separate outcomes, focused accuracy and quality measurements. The CornerstoneQA program includes:

  • A patent pending process and software that centers interpretation accuracy on patient outcomes.
  • Quality reviews of radiology reports based on the efficiency and effectiveness of the communication.
  • Reports that provide a conclusion and evidence based recommendations.
  • Use of more than 1,000 proprietary structured report templates and 2,200 macros to standardize not only the reports, but the language as well.

CornerstoneQA provides the foundation for a return on investment in quality assurance, and ensures imaging is a value-added resource. Logo is dedicated to bringing information from across the spectrum of radiology and imaging to one place, that is open to all and easy to use. will strive to be a leading voice in shaping future radiology as a specialty, be a leader in bringing information to our patients to improve the patient-radiologist dialogue, and provide a resource for clinicians and other healthcare providers to understand the appropriate utilization of radiology and imaging in the care of their patients.


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Bella Healthcare is comprised of five facilities located throughout Central Illinois, offering a holistic approach to aesthetic, medical, wellness and fitness services. Bella’s state-of-the-art facilities are located in Champaign, Charleston, Decatur and Effingham and are designed for maximum patient comfort; ensuring patients will be highly satisfied with their overall experience. Our board certified physicians specialize in primary care, vascular treatment and interventional radiology, providing minimally invasive, outpatient procedures that require little to no downtime. Bella also has physicians certified in Wound Care, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Anti-Aging Medicine. In addition, Bella’s professional staff offers a variety of spa, cosmetic, wellness and fitness services, to help our clients look and feel their best, inside and out.


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